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Web Designer, Hollywood, CA

My studio is a Los Angeles based web design company, founded in 2008. Specializing in web design, web development and internet marketing with a unique focus on information architecture, semantically written and standard driven code.

With over 5+ years of experience creating websites from scratch, or taking over projects, we understand your needs and are ready to meet and exceed your expectations!

WebdesignerHollywood is a creative studio, dedicated to website design and digital marketing.Our passion for the industry is the foundation of our agency.

About Web Designer Hollywood

Web Designer Hollywood was started by Jacques D'Silva to explore creative avenues of expression in creating websites for small to medium size businesses. He has been designing websites for 5+ years and enjoy every second of it. I collaborate mostly on WEB/UI design and anything Joomla,Wordpress, and Concrete5 CMSs.

Currently I am working part-time at Magic Key Consulting, developing Front-End designs for websites and Apps .

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